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Sixers vs. Cavaliers Preview: LeBron James Trusts the Process

LeBron James essentially called Doug Collins "instant oatmeal" today.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Before The Center is filled with South Philly teenagers in LeBron James Cavaliers jerseys tonight, The King (not Howard Eskin) talked with reporters before his Cavs take on the 76ers. When asked about the Sixers' rebuild, LeBron actually gave a favorable answer for Sam Hinkie and his crew:

LeBron trusts the process?!?! Know what that means? He's taking his talents to South Philly to play alongside Ben Simmons, Dario Saric and Nerlens Noel for the Sixers' run to the 2019 Finals. It's nice to see a player with a generational basketball IQ like LeBron take a definitive, positive stance on the Sixers' plan.

"Hopefully it will happen when i'm done." Know what that means? The only player on the planet that LeBron fears is knocking down jumpers in a gym in Instabul dreaming about the summer of 2016. LeBron is scared of Peak Dario. He should just team up with him and add a few more rings to his resume.

There's just so much to LeBron's wording here. Why does he hate instant oatmeal? Are Eddie Jordan and Doug Collins instant oatmeal now? I like instant oatmeal. It's nice to start the day off with a good source of fiber and whole grains. I'm now suspicious of LeBron's nutritional activity.

I'm now eating instant oatmeal as I write this. I assure you all that this isn't sponsored content for Quaker Oats.


Oh, yeah. There's a basketball game tonight too. Robert Covington is "probable" this evening, so maybe the Sixers will actually have multiple players on the court simultaneously who are capable of knocking down an outside shot. Just wait until Kendall Marshall is back and the Sixers might be capable of running an actual NBA offense!

Regardless, sit back, throw some oatmeal in the microwave (don't let the microwave hit 0:00 though) and enjoy watching JaKarr Sampson make his complete transformation into the LeBron Stopper he's destined to become.

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