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The Sixers are 0-9 and Jahlil Okafor Looks Spent -- TTP?

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this week on The Rights To Ricky Sanchez!

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With the Sixers 0-9 for the second straight year -- the only team in history to accomplish such a feat -- Spike and I get real on an all-new Rights To Ricky Sanchez and acknowledge how upsetting this all is. There are some good things, namely T.J. McConnell (but no foul shots!) and Hall Of Famer Christian Wood, as well as the somehow enigmatic Hollis Thompson (43% from deep! who are you people!). But Jahlil Okafor went 3-18 against the Thunder and has had 98% of his shots blocked this season, reminding all of us of another minimally athletic top pick, Evan Turner. And Brett Brown looks pissed off. Like, real pissed off. Something better happen soon.

All it takes is a win -- one win! -- to solve a whole bunch of problems. Things are still okay I think! Especially with things like this still existing:

Listen below, and RSS and subscribe on iTunes at your leisure. One win please!

Also I'll echo this Spike tweet, because there's no reason so many of us exist and in such a -- for my money -- polite, well-informed way. Love y'all.