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25 Days Till Sixers: Yoga and Meditation, The Next Market Inefficiency!

Just Breathe!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Since the beginning of the new 76ers regime, the organization has made strides to incorporate new and innovative practices to facilitate their rebuild. While "analytics" and "Sports Science" have become encompassing buzz words that both praise and malign the team's approach, the specifics are not much different than what many non-athletes do to improve their health and fitness.

Proper nutrition, better strength and conditioning, and even good sleep habits are not necessarily "new" conventions. However, from the top down, attention to detail and leaving no stone unturned has been a popular refrain. Furthermore, for a team that's trying to rebuild, form a winning culture and eventually become an elite team, any and every opportunity to gain an edge or advantage should be explored.

The new frontier? Yoga and meditation.

"We are always trying to find some edge, try some different things," Brett Brown said of the exercises to the media. "It seems like the players are responding."

Trying to ameliorate mental exhaust, especially after a hard practice is a fruitful venture. Considering how grueling an 82 game season plus travel must be on coaches and players, yoga and meditation should go a long way in improving mental as well as physical health.

"Meditation? I love it," said Jakarr Sampson with a big smile one his face. "We have calm music playing in the background. It relaxes the mind. I'm a big yoga guy, so I love meditation."

Without going into too much detail, proper breathing techniques (a major part of both yoga and meditation) are highly beneficial in reducing a variety of health issues, from improving immunity to reducing stress. While not necessarily a PSA, it's good practice for any and everyone due to it's simplicity and viability.

It's nice to see both the team utilizing new ways to improve health and the players being receptive. The 76ers have been very upfront and proactive when it comes to the health of their players. While the on-court effects are what's most important to team and fans, it's the off-court effects that will resonate with the players for the rest of their lives. CULTURE!

On the other hand.....


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