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Sixers Overseas: Saric In Foul Trouble

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Saric finds himself in foul trouble, Micic continues to be held out and Chu Chu Maduabum sees 16 minutes (!!!) against Kauhajoki.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

"Sixers Overseas" is your weekly update on 76ers prospects who are spanning the globe, from Turkey to Germany and everywhere in between.

Dario Saric: It's been a tough start to the new season for The Homie Dario (TM), as he continues to find himself in early foul trouble that keeps him sidelined for the vast majority of games. On Oct. 25 against Banvit, Saric picked up three fouls in 13 minutes and struggled to stay on the floor. He finished with four points (all from the charity stripe, where he was 4-4) and four boards to go along with it.

Saric now has five fouls in 25 total minutes of Turkish Basketball League action spanning two games, and six fouls in 39 Euroleague minutes also over the course of two games. The sample size is obviously small, and he only committed three fouls per 36 last season as opposed to nearly six in the early going now, so it remains to be seen if this is a cause for concern long-term. Young big men often struggle with the immediate transition to the pros and get in major foul trouble, more so than wings and guards, who generally aren't being sized up by 270-pound men for the first time.

Saric's transition to sticking NBA threes and fours could be even rockier than expected if his foul issues persist. But before drawing conclusions that are fairly inconsistent with his history, we'll monitor how all of this looks on the aggregate with a larger sample size to analyze.

Vasilije Micic: I've documented Micic struggling to get on the floor thus far this season, and the 2014 second-round pick still couldn't crack the rotation this week. He was a DNP-CD yet again Oct. 25 against Bayreuth, a 29-point blowout victory for Munich. There aren't any updates on his ankle injury, but that's certainly what's keeping him out of the rotation to this point. We'll see if he can get on the floor for Euroleague contests with Strasbourg today or Real Madrid on Nov. 5.

Chu Chu Maduabum: Pyrinto Tampere continues to give its notoriously rabid fanbase nail-biters that come down to the final seconds. This week, it was a two-point victory against Kauhajoki in which Maduabum saw a season-high 16 minutes. It was a hell of a performance - he Finnished (I'll show myself out) with zero points, four rebounds and two blocks to go with a season-best zero fouls.

If he can keep this up, look for the Chu Chu train to stay steady on the tracks of Tampere.