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Pierre Jackson Waived By The Sixers

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Pappy Jack struggled with injuries the entire summer and preseason.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that's not too surprising considering what he had to overcome to make the team, Pierre Jackson is the first player known to have been released by the 76ers. Bob Cooney was the first to report the potential release.

Keith Pompey then confirmed the news.

Jackson received a guaranteed $750,000 contract for this season as part of a four-year Hinkie special, but the Sixers could not afford to wait on Jackson to get healthy and improve due to having a razor thin roster, which may only have nine or ten active roster players on opening night this Wednesday.

He's a prime candidate for a designated affiliate player selection, where he could go to the NBA D-League with the Sixers (via the Delaware 87ers). The Sixers have four slots to fill, and Jackson could stay in the Sixers system and work himself into shape.

The Sixers have to make four additional cuts by 5:00 EDT. We will update you as news comes through.