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Robert Covington Injury: Only A Sprained MCL, Praise Knee Jesus

could've been worse!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Covington went down in the 4th quarter of the Sixers final preseason game against the Boston Celtics. It was a knee. Knees on Sixers have shown a tendency to explode. When the RoCo was seen on crutches after the game, Sixers fans collectively shivved each other in the stomach in hopes that they'd lose enough blood and die before Covington was diagnosed with Plague Knee or something. For the not-yet-dead, rejoice:

That's tremendous news. Two years with Hinkie tells me that those two weeks are a loooooose call. If he needs a month, he'll get a month. And god bless him, because I have no interest in seeing him re-injure that knee ever, so enjoy some R&R Bobbo, catch you in December.

What this means for the Sixers in the short term is that they will be bad. Jahlil Okafor is less effective when he doesn't have shooters around him, and with Nik Stauskas banged up as well, the Sixers are missing firepower from distance. This reinforces the need for a hardship exception and a 16th roster spot. Maybe that's someone who just got cut from another organization (NICK JOHNSON!) or a shooter already here like Scottie Wilbekin. Just days to go until the rosters are finalized.

But that's less important. Lord Covington lives. Long may he reign.

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