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6 Days Till Sixers: Predictions From The Liberty Ballers Staff And Guests

Time to put our money where our mouth is.

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Here at Liberty Ballers we make a ton of strange predictions and assertions, most of which get easily forgotten. But this season, we're going on the record in a giant predictions post you can read below, from the Sixers win records to leaders in assorted statistical categories.

Before we get started, a tip of the cap to The 700 Level's Andrew Unterberger, who started the Sixers Prediction League two years ago and graciously allowed us to take the reins on it.

Here are our participants:


Sean O'Connor

Michael Levin

Sohil Doshi

Shamus Clancy

Marc Whittington

Tanner Steidel

Brandon Gowton

Justin F.

Mike Baumann

Wesley Share

Roy Burton

Matt Carey

Spike Eskin (CBS Philly/RTRS)

Derek Bodner (Philly Mag)


What will the Sixers record be?

Me: 24-58

Sean: 23-59

Levin: 27-55

Sohil: 30-52, because I like to dream.

Shamus: 28-54

Marc: 23-59

Tanner: 27-55

Brandon: 21-61

Derek: 25-57

Spike: 24-58

Justin: 33-49. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Baumann: 29-53

Wesley: 20-62

Roy: 25-57

Matt: 26-56

When will the Sixers win their first game?

Me: November 7th vs. the Orlando Magic. They've got a tough start to their season.

Sean: Season opener vs. Boston.

Levin: I so badly want to say Opening Night Motherfuckers, but I'll play it safe and say Game 5, home against Orlando. No, never mind, OPENING NIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS.

Sohil:  October 30th vs the Utah... or more realistically November 7th vs. Orlando.


Tanner: Season opener vs. Boston.

Brandon: Season opener vs. Boston.

Derek: November 7th vs. Orlando.

Spike: Season opener vs. Boston.

Justin: November 4th vs. Milwaukee.

Baumann: Season opener vs. Boston.

Wesley: Season opener vs. Boston.

Roy: October 30th vs. Utah.

Matt: October 30th vs. Utah

What games will the Sixers have their biggest margin of victory/defeat?

Me: Win - December 5th vs. Denver

Loss - January 2nd vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Sean: Win - March 2nd vs. Charlotte

Loss - March 27th vs. Golden State

Mike: Win - February 6th vs. Brooklyn

Loss - November 27th. vs.. Houston

Sohil: Win - A random game at the end of the season when playoff teams are resting half their roster.

Loss - A game against the Los Angeles Clippers

Shamus: Win - December 30th vs. Sacramento

Loss - November 14th vs. San Antonio

Marc: Win - February 24th vs. Detroit

Loss - November 27th vs. Houston

Tanner: Win - February 22nd. vs Orlando

Loss - January 2nd vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Brandon: Win - January 16th vs. Portland

Loss - March 27th vs. Golden State

Derek: Win- December 5th vs. Denver

Loss- January 2nd vs Los Angeles Clippers

Spike: Win - March 15th vs. Brooklyn

Loss - January 2nd vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Justin: Win - December 18th vs. New York Knicks

Loss - March 27 vs. Golden State

Baumann: Win - April 8th vs. New York

Loss - November 14th vs. San Antonio

Wesley: Win - December 1st vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Loss - January 2nd vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Roy: Win - November 14th vs. San Antonio

Loss - January 2nd vs. Los Angeles

Matt: Win - April 8th vs. New York

Loss - March 27th vs. Golden State

Who starts the most games at PG for the Sixers?

Everyone but Baumann and Tanner said Kendall Marshall, but the two of them agreed upon Isaiah Canaan.

Does Jahlil Okafor win Rookie Of The Year?

Emmanuel Mudiay was crowned ROY with a majority vote from Derek, Sean, Spike, Wesley, Justin, Matt and myself. Sohil, Levin, Shamus, Tanner, Baumann, and Roy all think Okafor will win. Brandon gives Karl-Anthony Towns his lone vote.

Who leads the team in points, assists, and rebounds?

Jahlil Okafor was crowned scoring champion by a majority of votes from Levin, Shamus, Derek, Baumann, Wesley, Roy, and Matt. Robert Covington came in second with votes from Sohil, Marc, Tanner, Brandon, Justin and me.

Everyone agreed that Kendall Marshall will have the most assists per game. Nerlens Noel would have been a unanimous choice for top rebounder if not for Justin, who took Okafor.

Who will have the highest three-point shooting percentage (min. 150 attempts)?

Votes from Sean, Tanner, Mike, Sohil, Shamus, Derek, Wesley, Roy, and me were enough to give Hollis Thompson a majority. He's looking to lead the Sixers in three-point shooting percentage for the third season in a row. Nik Stauskas garnered some love from Marc and Matt. The rest took Covington.

Will the Sixers make over 1.5 trades on deadline day?

Nine voters took the over. Levin, Baumann, Roy, Matt, and myself were in the minority when we took the under on trades. Wild deadline days can't last forever.

Will the Sixers have anyone participating in All-Star Weekend? If yes, what events?

Sean: Yes, Okafor and Noel in the Rising Stars Challenge

Levin:  Yes. Kendall Marshall in skills challenge. Robert Covington in 3-point challenge. Nerlens and Jahlil in the Rising Stars Challenge. Okafor in the All-Star Game.

Sohil: Yes. At least one of the Sixers bigs (Noel/Okafor) in the Rising stars game.

Shamus: Okafor, Noel, and Stauskas in Rising Stars Challenge. Covington in three-point shootout.

Marc: Yes. Noel and Okafor in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Tanner: Okafor, Noel in the Rising Stars game. Robert Covington in the three-point shootout.

Brandon: Yes, Noel and Okafor in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Derek: Yes Both Noel and Okafor in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Spike: Yes, Covington in the All-Star game and three-point contest, Okafor in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Justin: Yes, Okafor in the Rising Stars Challenge, and Covington in the three-point shootout.

Baumann: Okafor and Noel in Rising Stars, Christian Wood in the D-League All-Star game.

Wesley: Okafor, Noel, and Stauskas all in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Roy: Yes - Okafor, Noel, and Stauskas in the Rising Stars Challenge.

Matt: Yes, everybody's in the rookie game. (Editor’s note: ?)

Will the Sixers get any of these first round picks for the 2016 draft: Lakers, Heat/GSW, OKC?

All but one said the Sixers would get all three picks, or as Tanner wrote, "all dem bitchez". Sohil said they'll get at least two of three.

Will the Sixers be able to pick swap with Sacramento?

Baumann, Justin, and Spike are the only ones who think the Sixers will swap their first-round picks with Sacramento.
Who will the Sixers draft with their top pick?

The votes are really scattered on this one. Shamus, Marc, Brandon, Spike and Roy all said Philadelphia will take Ben Simmons, meaning they must be really confident in the Sixers chances of getting the top overall pick. Sean and Matt said Kentucky's Jamal Murray. Derek and I think it'll be Duke's Brandon Ingram. Tanner and Justin selected Cal's Jaylen Brown. Levin went with Providence's Kris Dunn. Sohil went with the very safe "BPA" option.

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