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26 Days Till Sixers: Comparing Sam Hinkie's Quotes on Carl Landry and Danny Granger

The words and tone the Sixers' general manager used to discuss Carl Landry on Wednesday were awfully similar to how he spoke of Danny Granger back at the 2014 trade deadline.

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Immediately following the Sacramento Kings' salary dump that primarily netted Sam Hinkie and the Philadelphia 76ers Nik Stauskas and several appetizing draft assets, speculation ensued that both Jason Thompson and Carl Landry's days in Philadelphia would likely be numbered.

Gone is the hometown kid Thompson to Golden State. As is Gerald Wallace — who the Sixers acquired for Thompson — after the team waived the journeyman swingman last weekend. Despite constant rumors that Landry has no interest in remaining in Philadelphia longterm, the veteran power forward still remains.

Landry isn't participating in the Sixers' training camp as he recovers from wrist surgery that ended his 2014-15 season. He did make appearances at PCOM during pre-training camp workouts and recently tweeted a photo from inside the team's locker room. On the surface, it appears Landry may defy the odds and appear on the Sixers' 15-man roster on opening night.

Although, when asked about Landry on Wednesday, Hinkie's response was noncommittal to say the least.

"I had a good talk with Carl yesterday about this stage of his career," Hinkie said. "I was in Houston when we drafted Carl and spent the first few years with him. It seems like a lifetime ago for the both of us. But we talked about this situation and how it's different than the way people might perceive it and the importance of his voice and how that might matter. And that doesn't take away from his game, I think he'll be able to play fine. But, like, how this role that he might have on this team — and there's lots of decisions still to be made — but what that role might look like and what things might be required of it and the added importance to your voice because of that — to the positive or the negative — and what it all means."

Hinkie absolutely alluded to the value of having a player like Landry within a young locker room, but he didn't specifically say that Landry will in fact be that voice of reason. If you listen to Hinkie's answer, there's an obvious air of speaking in the theoretical. This brief monologue sounded awfully similar to how Hinkie discussed acquiring Danny Granger at the 2014 trade deadline. Granger, of course, was bought out shortly after.

"We're going to speak with him," Hinkie then said of Granger. "He's coming in, like all the players are, they'll come in, [take] physicals, we'll meet with them, we'll talk with them. Danny, I hold in really high esteem. It's going to be interesting. I think we're going to just sit and talk like men and say ‘What is it that you want out of the rest of this year?' You want to talk about shell-shock, he's been in one place his whole career, and he's had a heck of a career already, and I think has a good bit to go. So we're going to sit and talk to him about what it is he wants and the kind of role he sees on our team and vice versa. Where that goes, I don't exactly know."

This certainly isn't comparing apples to apples, but the structure of each quote is remarkably similar. Hinkie opens by expressing his respect for each player and what they've accomplished and transitions into discussing the role they could potentially have in Philadelphia.

So, why is Landry still a member of the Sixers? As Hinkie said, the man can still play. Unlike Wallace, Landry, 32, still has some trade value throughout the league. And Hinkie's tone on Wednesday sure makes it sound like the general manager is more interested in testing that value rather than simply showing Landry the door.

Although he remains a member of the organization for now, if history is any indication, Carl Landry is unlikely to make it through a full season in Philadelphia.

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