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Nik Stauskas Interview on RTRS Podcast: Sixers Guard Discusses Sacramento, Philadelphia, and Iverson


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Nik Stauskas was peer pressured into joining Spike and me on the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast, and we had a lovely time speaking with him. Big ups to Brett Brown for not telling Nik to ignore us.

I was high on Stauskas going into the 2014 Draft, and he got swallowed up in the Sacramento Crap Vacuum then dumped unceremoniously into Sam Hinkie's lap. And now that he's been on the Ricky, he's the Most Sixers Player Ever.

We speak to Nik about his injury and how he's feeling about this season. Also a bunch about his time in Sacramento, that Grantland draft night video, and what it felt like to be traded so early into his career. And plenty about Nik's love for Allen Iverson, which should endear him to all Sixers fans who grew up on AI. But my favorite Stauskas line is towards the end. You'll probably know the one when you hear it.

He was more candid than I expected, and hopefully we get a chance to talk to him down the road. Nik rocks.

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