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Nik Stauskas to Appear on The Rights To Ricky Sanchez Sixers Podcast

it's about to get SAUCY.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of incessant nudging from the #ProcessTwitter community, Nik Stauskas has agreed to come on The Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast and talk to Spike and I, entirely unfiltered. Nik will be the first active NBA player to ever appear on the Ricky, and the second-ever Sixers player, after Eric Snow (listen). Following in the footsteps of Sam Hinkie (listen) and Brett Brown (listen), Stauskas will endure our tactless questions and of course, a Spike Eskin Jigsaw. It'll be great.

That'll arrive later in the week, so send us your questions for Stauskas in the comments or on Twitter. #PodCastillo #NikkyOnTheRicky #Podkas #TrustTheStauskas

But first! We have a regular Ricky for you. Now that there are two Sixers basketball games to talk about, we shed our offseason skin and put on our gametime minks. Lots of Jahlil Okafor talk -- the moves look good, but he's winded -- some about his pairing with Nerlens Noel -- how about that spin move into the left hook?! -- and who the hell is passing them the ball. The Scottie Wilbekin Game will forever be in our hearts, but if we're looking at point guardiness, TJ McConnell might be the better option as Kendall Marshall rehabs.

Tons of roster talk, including me doling out a new contract for Hollis Thompson, to listen to below. Be sure to download and subscribe so you get the Ricky right to your phone. Spike also gives plenty of details about a very affordable March bus trip to Brooklyn for Sixers-Nets action. Listen up for that.

Give us your Stauskas questions and all criticisms of my opinions below. Sixers!

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