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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: The Silver Edition

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, we show love to the Sixers' Senior Dancers, and explore how the team's Twitter handle because the 2nd-best social media account in the NBA. Don't die wondering...

Tony Wroten never met a shot he didn't like.
Tony Wroten never met a shot he didn't like.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

"Size doesn't matter," said my wife recently before she retired to the living room to fawn over Idris Elba/Stringer Bell during an impromptu marathon session of "The Wire."

We all know the truth, however: Bigger is always better. A 6'2" point guard is fine and all, but if you ever want to see a coach drool, just offer him or her the chance to mentor a 6'8" playmaker who towers over the opposition. A 50" TV is nice, but a 65" LED Smart TV? Impressive. And every time I go to Wawa, I always order the regulation-size, 10-inch Classic hoagie. A Shorti? What am I supposed to do with six inches?

The Milwaukee Bucks know that size matters, so this past week, they cranked the knob all of the way to 11. Big Bertha? Your services are no longer required. The Sixers' massive cannon spits out mere T-shirts. The Bucks' new gatling gun? $100 down jackets.

I probably shouldn't take a shot at the Bucks considering that they beat the Sixers by 20 the other night, but when you're forced to start someone named Johnny O'Bryant, you need to find ways to entice people to come down to the building.

Clearly, people love getting quality free stuff: More than 17,000 people took the trek to the Wells Fargo Center last night to score a beanie hat. Your move, Adam Aron.


Allen Iverson has no time for your "selfie stick." To be perfectly honest, he couldn't even be concerned about driving his own car, either. Missing you, Flight Brothers...


This is a real thing, and I love it. Seriously... how can you not be entertained by senior citizens shaking their hips to "Turn Down For What"?

In case you were wondering, the 100 emoji in the Sixers' tweet doesn't refer to the ages of the dancers: Each of the participants sported a jersey that shows how many revolutions they've made around the sun. Because once you reach 65, you honestly don't care if people know how old you really are. #Blessed

The Sixers are 3-1 since the Senior Dancers took the floor last Monday night - proof that doing nice things for old people is never a bad thing. Karma is real, kids.


Troll game on [insert 100 emoji here]

The setup: On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks held Tinder Night: An initiative designed to help (presumably) single basketball fans find their true love while Sir Foster plays in the background.

Anyway, Mr. SteviePOPO openly wondered whether his team would host a similar event, and the Brooklyn Nets needed all of 53 characters to set Basketball Twitter aflame.

As much as I hate to say it, while Photoshops with K.J. McDaniels are cool and all, the NBA Social Media Championship Belt resides in Brooklyn for the time being.

(For the record, Tinder Night is a fantastic idea that should be co-opted by every other team in the NBA. Sean O'Connor has already volunteered to be our man on the scene for the Sixers' edition.)


Just as I was about to give this the serious side eye, I checked the box score, and lo and behold... Arnett Moultrie did play 48 minutes on the day in question, pouring in 30/8/5 in a hard-fought victory over Jiangsu TX.

On the season, Moultrie is averaging 25.1 points and 12.2 rebounds per game for the Jiangsu Dragons in the Chinese Basketball Association. Who knew that a change of scenery was all Moultrie needed to be great?

Doug Collins taught him well. #ShouldOfKept


#HoopIdea: Instead of calling games as tightly as possible, let NBA players run wild and free, Summer Pro-Am style. Just use the "rules" from the "Above The Rim" Shoot Out tournament, and you'll see Tony Wroten easily pour in 50 points a night.

He plays with no chill as it is: What guard on a then 6-29 basketball team throws off-the-glass alley-oops to a teammate at the end of a close game?

Epitaph? That's a hell of a yearbook quote. Do they still have yearbooks anymore, or are those all digital, too?


[There was a comment on last night's game thread that was absolute gold and needed to be added in to the shoot around- Sohil]


It's hard not to get swept up in the fun with this Sixers team. So when a small winning streak is upon us, there's no better time to throw out an almost decade-old Chappelle Show reference featuring Howard Dean than now. Sixers may have won a game last night, but LB commenter Chuck won the Game Thread.

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