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LB Community Big Board #7: Justise is a dish best served Porzingis


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In theory, I have no issue with Justise Winslow taking 61% of the vote to win the 6th spot on the Liberty Ballers Community Big Board over Kristaps Porzingis's 29%. Justise is a very good player with an incredibly high floor that would ostensibly "fit" on the current iteration Sixers. But we at LB been up in here spittin' UPSIDE since 2008, and "Kristaps" is actually Latvian for "upside yes", so that 32 percentage point disparity makes me all kinds of uncomfortable. Watch this. Come on. If his name wasn't Kristaps Porzingis, he'd definitely have more support.

So here I am, with my One Year Porzingis pin, suggesting slightly more American names for Kristaps to adopt, in hopes that it would elevate his draft stock in the coming weeks:

  • Chris Bot
  • Christian Grey
  • America "The" Beautiful
  • Stars Stripes
  • Flip Saunders
  • Carl S. Junior
  • Clint Eastwood No The Other One The One That Plays Basketball Well
  • The Artist Formerly Known As Upside
  • Xenophobia, Warrior Princess
  • Jeb Bush

When we Chad Ford this revote, I look forward to having Mr. Stripes in the top 5 of our Community Big Board when you all read this in brand new 3D LB BB.

Back to scene-- joining the leftovers of Kristaps, Stanley Johnson, and Willie Trilly A Milly A Milly A Milly Cauley-Stein will be the following jumpshooting mermen:

Myles Turner, big man out of Texas who would have loved Rick Barnes to get the ax before his middling season hooking them horns rather than after. Range, frame, and rim protection are the trifecta of delight for today's big man, and he'd go down smooth lining up next to Joel Embiid, but I personally hate the way Turner moves up and down the court. It's like Henry Sims with a hunch and a huge wallet in his back pocket. At 19 years old and with that hair, there's no way you should be running like that. I'm suspicious, and his position on my board reflects that.

Kelly Oubre, who would be a sex symbol on name alone, comes to us by way of Canada via one year at Kansas, where he smiled and smiled and tripped over himself doing the robot in Bill Self's boring ass offense. KO picked it up as the season went on, but the jumper isn't as good as it needs to be (some arc, please!) to overcome the flaws in his game like his handle, passing, and mid-game tendency to curl up into a ball at halfcourt and nap. I love him as a person, but not yet as a player. His defense and sneaky good rebounding ability should make him useful right away even if he'll be a headache everywhere else -- especially when you look at him and all those bright lights from Heaven shine right in your face.

Devin Booker, the Kentucky wing most likely to be photoshopped into this picture, has become a strangely polarizing prospect. There were many concerns about his speed and athleticism, but he kicked some tangible ass at the combine. And he's a lights out shooter if you don't make him do anything else before or after. Top 10 is early to draft a three-point specialist, but it's 2015 and Khris Middleton is about to get a max contract so maybe draft Booker #1 and discontinue the layup.

Hey, I'm not gonna be the guy to add Frank Kaminsky to the poll. Vote below, yell at me in the comments belower.

LB Community Big Board

1. Karl-Anthony Towns - Kentucky Wildcats
2. D'Angelo Russell - Ohio State Buckeyes
3. Jahlil Okafor - Duke Blue Devils
4. Mario Hezonja - Barcelona (Spanish ACB)
5. Emmanuel Mudiay - Guangdong (CBA)
6. Justise Winslow - Duke Blue Devils
7. ???

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