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The 2015 NBA Draft Is Here: Sam Hinkie Will Get Karl Towns, D'Angelo Russell, or Everyone


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With hours remaining until the NBA Draft, Spike and I did our last Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast before the picks have been made and Hinkie has kicked cans further down roads. No guests this week, just two guys making bold claims about what names an organization will tell a stringy white guy to say to a crowd. Makes for great podcasting. Listen to it HERE, or below.

I'm totally jazzed the F up in this Ricky -- a nice change of pace from my usual sleepy demeanor -- while Spike is ready for bed. Sorry for all the outbursts. Also sorry for the Damian Lillard/Kemba Walker discussion we found ourselves in.

I don't know what else to say. Here's last week's Ricky with a real NBA Draft scout, here's the one we did with Derek Bodner, and the other one we did with Ricky O'Donnell. We at LB have a BIG BOARD you should absorb. Here's the Marc Whittington piece on Mudiay vs. Russell that I reference consistently. And here is me acting in the short written and directed by LB commenter "Jon in LA", who I know IRL. Make fun of my acting below.

So many things. So little time. DRAFT.

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