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NBA Draft Trade Rumor: Sixers and Blazers Talking Pick Swap

runnin runnin ru-runnin runnin

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Rumors flying faster than Ish Smith these days, as the NBA Draft fast approaches. The Sixers didn't get as immediately lucky at the Lottery, as they figure to have only one first rounder on Thursday. But with plenty of protected 2016 firsts in their pocket and five 2015 second rounders in their mouth, they can Jimmy Dolan Shake And Bake anyplace they'd like in the first round. Cue the music.

This jives with what Jake Fischer reported earlier about the Sixers trying to get back into the first round. But I always get worried when a very specific rumor (23 for 35/37) gets a very vague parenthetical clipped at the end of it (and possibly more). That's how Domingo Santana got traded. I don't know who the Domingo Santana of the Sixers is (yes I do, it's JaKarr), but I want him mashing homers and dunks and wherever this metaphor takes us in Philadelphia.

But taken on its own, yes the 23 for 35+37 would be a great trade. After a bunch of the international prospects disappeared in the middle of the night like Stannis's troops, the second round looks not as strong as it once did. Plus, Hinkie can package 47/58/60 to move back into the 30s if he so pleases.

At 23, I'm eying guys like Delon Wright, Justin Anderson, R.J. Hunter, and Montrezl Harrell. If Hinkie loves a guy in that area, I'm fully on board with packaging 2nds to move up and nab him.

Pavorsky confirms:

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