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NBA Draft Scout on the Ricky, Talking D'Angelo Russell, Mario Hezonja, Justise Winslow

listen to me vamp!

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The Draft is DAYS AWAY, so Spike and I stepped up to bring you a real live NBA scout Elan Vinokurov, with his tremendous takes about Karl-Anthony Towns, D'Angelo Russell, and the rest of the top prospects. I was surprised! Listen to it here or below or better yet, subscribe.

Aside from the Big 7, we also dig into some later prospects, like UNLV's Rashad Vaughn and Christian Wood, Bobby Portis and Kevon Looney, and point guards Jerian Grant, Cameron Payne, and Terry Rozier. Elan was a great interview, and we really got into some interesting stuff with him, so g'head and listen up.

But I also want to take a second to talk about Andre Iguodala, NBA Finals MVP and rightful heir to the seven kingdoms. When Liberty Ballers got going in 2008 (memory lane!), Andre's Sixers career was in full swing. Then Mo Cheeks gave way to Tony DiLeo who gave way Eddie Jordan who fell into an abyss, giving way to my lovechild Doug Collins (listen to today's Jigsaw), and Andre kept doing his thing. They asked him to carry mediocre teams -- a role he was thrust into after Iverson left -- and shouldn't be held responsible for those average teams performing averagely. Shamus wrote more about it, but I'd just like to reiterate that Iguodala is and has always been a tremendous basketball player, and if you're a Sixers fan who hates him for the contract they gave him, please find another Sixers blog to read. Discourse is welcome, but disliking Iguodala is not. He's a stud, and a champion and the NBA Finals MVP. I'm so happy for him.

One last time: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please become a fan of the Liberty Ballers Tournament Team. We have many Philadelphia players. We need you to sign up. You could win money if we win. I promise it takes such a small amount of time, even shorter than a really good handjob. Please sign up. I love you. Have a free handjob.

And finally, here's Dave Kool's college basketball career, which I followed with religious fervor. Congratulations to Mr. Kool for making it onto the Ricky.

One more Rights To Ricky Sanchez before Thursday's draft. Let's go.

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