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FIBA World Cup Open Thread: USA vs. Mexico, Croatia vs. France

Ready for some Saturday morning/afternoon hoops? I bet you didn't know someone could basketball this much.

Boris Diaw doesn't win NBA championships, he has them.
Boris Diaw doesn't win NBA championships, he has them.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Hinkie's got a plan for us:

That picture makes me uncontrollably giddy. It might be two years away (but not two years from being two years away!) from becoming a reality, if ever, but that's a real thing to look forward to. Two years away and some injury luck, and we get the four horseman seen above.

And two more picks are coming again next season, provided things go our way. It's a good time to be a 76ers fan, even with all the losing.

In the meantime, we'll watch Dario Saric from afar, whether it be in a professional capacity in Europe or for the Croatian national team in international competition. Croatia plays France. The French team, led by NBA Champion and general life-enjoyer Boris Diaw and the punchy Nicolas Batum, finished third in probably the toughest group in the preliminary rounds.

With that noted, France has more talent than the Croatians, who finished second in their group. Batum and Diaw are both better than anyone Croatia has to offer. But it should be a competitive game, just as all of Croatia's have been.

Meanwhile, the US should demolish Mexico, but stranger things have happened (most of which involve Carlos Arroyo). Get to threading.

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