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Done Deal: Arsalan Kazemi Inks In China

He's Arsalan-ded with Chongqing.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, word was spreading that 2013 second round draft pick Arsalan Kazemi was possibly on the move to China, as the Chongqing Fly Dragon eyed the prominent rebounder.

The deal seems to be official. Kazemi met with the local media yesterday for Chongqing's media day, and seemed eager for the opportunity.

Here's a pretty rough translation of his quotes, courtesy of Google:

My teammates and joint training for some days, and after spending time with them, I feel very friendly teammates are capable players, but the game often have a variety of accident happens, the specific objectives of the new season, I can say accurate, but to be sure, the new season and I will be able to mate together to do their best, strive to achieve good results for the team. "


"I know that Chongqing is a big city, population quantity, Chongqing people are very enthusiastic, very lively street in Chongqing, Chongqing, there are many dishes, such as the most famous hot pot I know, but I am most looking forward to the performance of Ao Long fans, teammates told I am, very passionate fans here, and I look at the CBA began, Chongqing fans can come to the site to cheer me. "

Chongqing is indeed playing in the CBA, not the NBL as we previously mentioned; this is the team's first year in the top-tier of Chinese basketball. While the CBA is pretty notoriously known for not being a strong defensive league, this is definitely a step up competition wise for Kazemi.

(H/T @ShouldersGalore)

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