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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Hangin' With Mr. Noel

This week in the Sunday Morning Shootaround, we begin the countdown to the Sixers' home opener, catch up with Pierre Jackson's rehab, and tell you how you can play Pop-A-Shot with Nerlens Noel.

If you've ever dreamed of playing Daytona USA with this man, we'll tell you how to make it a reality.
If you've ever dreamed of playing Daytona USA with this man, we'll tell you how to make it a reality.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Not gonna lie: I'd love to work for the Sixers one day. But there are a few things about this video that I found disturbing.

- The open-office floor plan has to go. Is there anyone who likes 3-foot high cubicle walls? It's one thing to work with people in a confined environment - it's another thing entirely to be forced to stare at them for 8 hours a day. If there's ever a need to collaborate, there are these things called "meeting rooms" that are well-suited for the purpose.

- Having a mini-basketball hoop at work seems like a good idea in theory, but impromptu dunk contests between guys (and gals) in dress slacks is not the business.

- If Tom McGinnis is relegated to a cubicle, then who exactly merits a corner office?

Sadly, many of the people who commented on the video were more focused on the "Who's excited for the home opener?" query posed by the host of the clip:

"I am excited to see the heat win"

"After last season, not many of us."

"Tank 3.0"

"Not me. I'm in Tunisia."

"Wow who can be excited about a franchise who cannot refrain from trading prior high draft picks away? Will never tell in what direction they're going"

"Why do we always play the heat first game of the season?! Going for that ass whooping this year too"

"Well considering I am big basketball fan overall..but even a bigger sixers matter how bad they r going to be..I still like what the future holds...hopefully n that a big hope..whenever they decide to stop tanking ever year. Too win..y more n more there teaching players how to get too learn how to win..y would any free agent want to play I dont see the plan be honest."


Those of you in the Philadelphia area may be interested in this: For a $30 donation, you can hang out with Nerlens Noel at Dave and Busters this Thursday. If you go, please be sure to take some pictures (and feel free to write a FanPost as well).


Unless you want to see Pierre Jackson rehab his Achilles, show off his Jaguar, and shoot dozens of set shots, there's no reason to watch all 14 minutes of this video. That said, it's pretty well put together, and it's also further proof that the most entertaining 76ers on social media are those who haven't played a single game yet.

On a related note, whatever happened to Team WHOP?


I'm mildly disappointed that Dave Rueter didn't uncover these premium Shawn Bradley lunch bags during his earlier deep-dives of Sixers gear on eBay. Kind of sad that we won't get to see the "Hasheem Thabeet Backpack Giveaway" this season.


Good news: The author of this article opines that K.J. McDaniels could be the steal of the 2014 NBA Draft. Bad news: It appears as though the Sixers have fired Brett Brown and replaced him with a gentleman named Brent Brown.

The latter Brown is a graduate of Simpson College, and formerly served as the Associate Head Coach of the Loyola University (Chicago) Ramblers women's team. Much like Brett Brown, Brent Brown is well-regarded for his player development skills, and is proficient in the Microsoft suite of applications. No word on when the official presser will take place.


I have no idea who Fantavious Fritz is (to be honest, the name sounds like that of a low-level Batman villain), but this short film using clips from A.I.'s infamous practice rant is pretty slick. Personally, I think it's better than the overhyped (but still fairly cool) Derek Jeter Gatorade ad that made the Internet foam at the mouth last week. Then again, that's probably due to the fact that Iverson is one of the greatest 76ers of all time, while Jeter has been the second-best SS ever since Alex Rodriguez came to New York in 2004.

[insert emoji of a frog that's supposed to resemble Kermit]
[insert emoji of a cup of coffee that's supposed to resemble a cup of tea]


The greatest news that I've ever received happened sometime in 1988 when I figured out that when you turned on Cinemax at a certain time in the evening, they may or may not broadcast things that a 9-year-old shouldn't watch. So that makes this Embiid thing the second greatest news that I've ever received.

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