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Joel Embiid Dons Sixers Jersey for First Time At Rookie Photoshoot

Sixers blue is definitely his color.

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Mike Stobe

For the first time ever in what will hopefully be a long and prosperous NBA carer, Sixers first-round pick Joel Embiid threw on his new threads in front of the camera at the 2014 NBA rookie photo shoot. Needless to say, he looked like he was born to wear the Sixers colors.

Unfortunately there were no action shots of Philadelphia's newest seven-footer; a large cast prevented him from partaking in any photos of him soaring threw the air towards a rim conveniently placed in the middle of a forest. He still seemed to enjoy himself, and in some pics you can actually see the knee-high mold poking through.


(Photo credit: Brian Babineau, Getty Images).

That smile is absolutely infectious 453174598_medium
(Photo credit: NBA Photos, Getty Images)

These girls may not be loyal, but clearly that isn't bringing Embiid down.

Here he is with the rest of the gang, second-round picks K.J. McDaniels and Jerami Grant.


McDaniels is known for being a high flier, and he catches some crazy air in his solo photos. Check out that full extension.


(Photo credit: Nathaniel S. Butler, Getty Images)

Don't sleep on Jerami Grant's hops either.


The photoshoot looked like a ton of fun for the rooks, and the pictures came out really well. If you're interested in seeing more from yesterday's festivities, you can see them all here, courtesy of Getty Images.

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