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Tony Wroten Breaks Ankles in Seattle Pro-Am

Ball Is Life put together an awesome video of Tony Wroten shattering ankles and generally embarrassing others in Seattle Pro-Am competition this summer, including your favorite real American basketball player.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Wroten may play professionally in Philadelphia, but his legend lives in the Washington streetball scene, where he's stormed the competition this summer.

Paul George's Team USA injury sparked a raucous debate about NBA players competing in organized basketball activity during the offseason. Many argued there really isn't much difference between players participating in Team USA activities and lighting up local Pro-Am competitions. The injury risk exists still, but here's hoping no rules are made for summer basketball, because Tony Wroten is made for summer basketball.

Wroten plays each summer in his native city of Seattle, dominating Jamal Crawford's Pro-Am league and others in the Emerald City. Ball is Life put together a ridiculous video of Wroten breaking ankles throughout the summer. As you can see, they had a lot of material to work with:

Yes, hidden among the gems of Shammgod crossovers and acrobatic passes is a quick tape of Wroten swatting the shit out of an oafy-looking Spencer Hawes. Poor Spencer.

While this season might be more dreadful than last in terms of win-loss record, we'll still have Tony Wroten manning the second unit. If he brings moves like this to the NBA, this season won't be too difficult to watch.

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