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The Thaddeus Young Deal Probably Doesn't Include Anthony Bennett

We've got at least 2 days until the trade can be official. Shved though.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Kevin Love-Andrew Wiggins trade moratorium is still ongoing, and the secondary Thaddeus Young trade keeps changing. Jerry Zgoda, Timberwolves beat writer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, has been on top of the twists in the summer saga, and has believed for a while that Anthony Bennett is not involved in any transaction with the 76ers for Young:

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute should have value to a contender at the deadline as a defensive specialist, potentially worth a future second round pick in a deadline deal, while Alexey Shved is still technically young. Shved's also a favorite of Michael Baumann. As Zgoda tweeted, both players have expiring contracts.

The 2015 Miami pick is, well, an interesting addition. From previous reports, the Sixers were thought to get the pick originally held by the Cavaliers. The Miami pick projects to be a higher pick than Cleveland's, as the Miami pick could easily be a mid-first round selection.

That might be a compromise - taking expiring contracts instead of Kevin Martin's J.J. Barea's longer deal and getting a better potential pick, while not getting Bennett in the deal. Would you rather have some rendition of the original deal (Bennett, Barea, Cleveland pick) or the deal Zgoda believes is on the table (Mbah a Moute, Shved, Miami pick)?

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