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OPSL Recap: Ware, Roberts Jr. Lead Sixers 84-73 Victory Over OKC

Wins and losses don't matter, but most of everything else does. Here's a recap of the Sixers' first victory (of hopefully many) this summer.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando (Semi)Pro Summer League continued on Sunday, with the Sixers picking up their first victory over the summer league Thunder 84-73. In the O(S)PSL point standings, the Sixers picked up 6 today through winning the game and the first two quarters, moving their total to 8. Here are six things from today's game, if I can make it to six:

1. This >>>>> Everything

2. Ronald Roberts Jr. Has A Case

To make the team, that is. Roberts made a lot happen on the offensive boards and was the most active Sixer today in general. Today's game intensity paled in comparison to yesterday;s, but Roberts was still operating with a ton of energy. He's undersized compared to other centers, but he should get a chance this fall to make an NBA team because of his size and energy.

3. Casper's Conundrum

Casper Ware, the friendly backup point guard, finished with 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists, basically leading the Sixers' offensive attack single-handedly. He looked much better today than yesterday, though mostly as a result of having not-VIctor Oladipo as his primary defender.

Ware's problem, aside from having to sometimes face Victor Oladipo, is that he doesn't have the full collection of skills to overcome his height disadvantage. He's not an elite shooter, and he's just not quite quick enough to turn the corner on his defender coming off a pick-and-roll. He showed off a nifty floater twice during the game, a weapon that he can use to great effect within about 12 feet of the rim. But he just doesn't have the speed or the shot (yet) to be consistently productive.

I note this as he took 7 threes, making 3 of them. Because he can't use his speed to get into the paint against NBA-caliber guards, he needs to be effective above the break on his three point attempts. If he can make 3 of 7 consistently, then we have something here.

Also: commentators can't help by say his full name every time they reference him. Speaking of which...

4. Shut Up, Isiah Thomas

Below, a sample of what people think about Isiah Thomas's commentary:

Also, he ruined Christmas forever for children of irresponsible parents who had their children sit through this basketball game. Fun times. Good thing Jake Pavorsky is Jewish!

5. Players Who Didn't Play

Mitch McGary, Jeremy Lamb, Hollis Thompson, and of course Nerlens Noel. All were for rest, not injuries.

6. Other Notables:

K.J. McDaniels played well as a starter in just over 20 minutes. Aaron Craft barely played, but when he did, he drew the ire of all who were watching. Travis Bader played a lot, but he still isn't quick enough to allow his shooting to be overly effective. Jerami Grant averaged a foul every two minutes. I learned that JaKarr Sampson exists. Same with Talib Zanna. And as everyone else has already noted, Ed Daniel has two first names.

Oh, and finally Melvin Ejim and Jamelle Hagins will not play with the Sixers due to other future commitments. They were Sixers. Once. During summer league. We determined that it will count and join the ranks of Ricky Ledo, Nate Wolters, and Andrew Bynum.

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