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Pierre Jackson Ruptures Achilles in Sixers First Summer League Game


Mike Stobe

This is brutal. Everybody was incredibly excited for former Sixers draftee and recent Sixers tradee Pierre Jackson to back up Michael Carter-Williams this year, but after a non-contact injury in the first day of the Orlando Summer League, it doesn't look good. Reportedly, Jackson ruptured his Achilles, though there were also reports saying he tore it.

He would lie on the ground for a few moments before the play stopped, then his teammates had to carry him off the court. You can tell it's an Achilles because he turns around as it happens checking to see if someone kicked him -- that's the feeling typical to Achilles injuries. Really tough to watch him in that much agony.

Jackson was really starting to get going there, 7 points in less than 7 minutes of action. Kid's so fast and so hard to stop. Really would've loved him this season. With a non-guaranteed contract, his chances of making the Sixers are slim. But they will pay for his surgery and rehab, which is something.

This might open up a roster spot for Casper Ware to stick with the team, or one of the 2nd round guys this season to sneak on. Who knows. It's just a massive bummer to see a guy as fun and likable as Pierre Jackson go down with an injury when he was knocking on the doorstep of his first real NBA shot.

Best wishes to him as he recovers, and we'll see what happens with Pierre and the Sixers down the road. Damn shame.

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