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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Thad About You

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Joel Embiid wins the Internet, someone was able to craft a beautiful image of Brandon Davies playing basketball, and we pour our a little liquor for #BasketballApartment.

Thaddeus Young + Helen Hunt = Golden Globe
Thaddeus Young + Helen Hunt = Golden Globe
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

This is officially the Randy Watson, "Coming To America", drop the mic moment, folks. Joel won.

Joel Embiid is the best thing to happen to the Shootaround since Jrue Holiday.
- Justin F.

Full disclosure: Because most of the players on the Sixers are so... boring, the staff at the Sunday Morning Shootaround was seriously considering turning the SMS into a blatant rip-off of Michael Baumann's Crash Bag-style column where we could ruminate on things only tangentially related to basketball.

But then, Joel Embiid came into our collective lives. He's played as many games in a Sixers' uniform as Andrew Bynum, yet he's already the darling of the fanbase. He may even be the darling of Rihanna's heart - after all, the pop star only follows about 1,100 people on Twitter, and the 76ers' 7-foot center landed one of the coveted spots.

At this point, Embiid should just shut down his Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/MiGente/Tumblr/Twitter/Pintrest/Google+ accounts - there's really nothing left for him to prove on social media. He's so good at this, he should start offering his services as a ghost tweeter (hi, Lolo Jones). And speaking of those who need assistance with social media...


And on the other end of the social media spectrum, future Philadelphia 76er Dion Waiters really should be more careful about the types of things he retweets. That said, I'm dying to go to one of his pool parties.


The "Too Long; Didn't Watch" Summary: Darryl Dawkins spends a day in Sacramento eating ice cream, signing autographs, riding the carousel, and basically being the happiest 6'11" dude on the planet. Not surprisingly, he loses the carnival Pop-A-Shot game to the random NBA Nation dude who filmed part of the video with his flip phone. But sadly, as much fun as Chocolate Thunder appears to be having in this clip, it pales in comparison to the day he spent with our own Dave Rueter.


This Brandon Davies' image is great because:

  • It's reminiscent of the 1989-90 Hoops basketball series, which just happens to be the first set of basketball cards that I started collecting.
  • I'd like to think that the person guarding Brandon Davies in the picture is Andrew Bynum.
  • It's an image of Brandon Davies. Someone actually used part of their 30-day Adobe Photoshop free trial to craft an image of Brandon Davies.

For what it's worth, that Every Player In The League Tumblr is a hell of an Internet rabbit hole - some of the "cards" are flat-out stunning. There are only four Sixers represented so far (images are being released in alphabetical order), but if the blog stays true to its name, we're on deck for at least 24 more passionate, intense and proud pieces of artwork. Can't wait for the Daniel Orton picture.


To be honest, I'm more concerned about this split than the impending Jay-Z/Beyonce divorce. Who gets the Brita water pitcher? Will Andrew Sharp's takes be as hot sans the inspiration from our fearless leader here at Liberty Ballers? And, most importantly, will Levin be forced to go the Jeremy Lin route and sleep on Spencer Hawes' couch for the next 12 months?


Whoever came up with Dario Speedwagon is an unadulterated genius.


First of all, everyone out there should follow Max Rappaport if you don't already. He's the man responsible for nearly every article on, and I think he's also the mind behind most of the fine work attributed to the @Sixers handle these past few weeks.

Anyway, we figured that we might as well chime in on this NBA sitcoms/TV shows thing. And in case you were wondering, you won't find any lame "Murder, She Wroten" or "Moultrie Hill" puns here:

  • Welcome Back, Carter
  • Hollis and Gromit
  • Pierre Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew
  • Boy Meets World B. Free (courtesy of @joeyjazzz)
  • My Three Iversons (h/t @Sixers)
  • Charles Barkley In Charge
  • Scott O'Neil Is 45... And Single

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