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Jordan McRae Voted Second Team All-Vegas

McRae consistently performed at the highest level of any Sixers player in Las Vegas. Nerlens Noel played only twice, after all.

Jordan from college is so happy about this that he's crying.
Jordan from college is so happy about this that he's crying.
Andy Lyons

Yeah, we've reached the slow part of the news cycle. The Sixers' session of summer league ended on Friday, and camp doesn't start for another two months. We'll be unveiling different kinds of series and features to keep you occupied until then.

But first (Julie Chen voice), we have some leftovers from Vegas. Namely, that guard Jordan McRae was voted by the media (including SB Nation, which had a vote) to the second team All-Vegas Summer League team. McRae averaged 21 points per game in 4 games on 50% overall shooting, the third leading scorer across both summer leagues. Despite the small sample, the scoring with the efficiency compared to the rest of the summer leaguers was very impressive.

Overall, McRae was the most consistently surprising Sixer in Las Vegas. While we're hesitant to crown players based off summer league performance, McRae showed some skills which, combined with his physical profile, led me to think he should get some guaranteed money this summer. With a 6'5" frame and a 7'0" wingspan, he has useful physical tools to go with the scoring ability.

Coming into the offseason, the Sixers' main weakness fell on the two wing spots. With McRae and K.J. McDaniels playing well during the summer, the team may have found temporary solutions to their primary hole in the second round of the draft, an unexpected source for talent right away. McRae deserved the reward and deserves a shot at both making and getting time for the Sixers this season.

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