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NBA Free Agency: Sixers and Rockets Engaged in Jeremy Lin Trade Talk

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As the pieces get shuffled one way or the other in the first few days of NBA Free Agency, the landing spots for LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony remain a mystery. The Houston Rockets are doing their best to woo Melo at the moment, but before any pen can get to paper, they'd have to free up cap space to sign him for how much he'll be worth. And though Omer Asik has already been swept to New Orleans, there's still the matter of Jeremy Lin.

This has been in our thoughts for some time. Lin has just one year remaining on his contract (cap hold of $8.37M), so it wouldn't be much of a financial commitment. But the question is what the Sixers could pry from Houston in exchange for being nice and swallowing his contract up into their Blue Whale stomach-sized amount of cap space.

The prospect of another Daryl Morey and Sam Hinkie trade is always exciting in its own right. But I'd also be pumped about Jeremy Lin in a Sixers uniform. Would get a whole bunch of different fans interested in the team and backing up Michael Carter-Williams -- or even playing next to him -- would just be a good time. And it's only one year. I'd absorb 2014 Derrick Coleman at $8.37M if a first rounder was coming with him.

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