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Sixers-Suns Game Thread: Noel Out, Christmas Still Happening

From the top of the bleachers in Las Vegas, let's chat.

Streeter Lecka

I am currently in Las Vegas for summer league, and along with Jake Fischer are the last LBers on site. I don't have a credential because of a logistical issue and, well, I'm not that official anyway. In the meantime, the Sixers take on the Phoenix Suns in the final game of the preliminary round. The Sixers come into the game 1-1 in Summer League action.

Nerlens Noel once again will sit out for rest purposes. K.J. McDaniels looks like he might be out too. Brandon Davies, Jamelle Hagins, Adonis Thomas, Tim Frazier, and Jordan McRae get the starting nods.

Obviously, a lack of Nerlens results in a lack of attention (even from our end!). Based off what I've seen from all the summer league team combinations, here are a few things to look for:

  • Jordan McRae's lanky scoring: he's super long, and having all that length with some ball skills has made him our best scorer in Vegas, non-Nerlens division
  • Brandon Davies: how does he keep happening?
  • The Suns: they've got a lot of talent on their summer league team, including Miles Plumlee, Archie Goodwin, and T.J. Warren. They also have Temple grad and local favorite Dionte Christmas.
Tip off should have already happened. Chat it up in the comments!

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