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Minnesota Timberwolves Interested in Former Sixer Evan Turner Free Agency Sweepstakes

from before, remember?!

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This next sentence is an honest one: Evan Turner is the free agent I was most interested in seeing what the market would value him at. We know everything about the former #2 overall pick -- from premature BUST behind Andre Iguodala, to de facto go-to guy leading the team in dribbling, getting blocked, and non-defense, to traded to the Pacers with Lavoy Allen for barely a 2nd round pick and the opportunity to waive Danny Granger. Seems like a long time ago when we were clamoring for more minutes for Evan over Jodie Meeks.

Oh, Evan

Now, he's coming off an Indiana playoff run in which he was less useful than Rasual Butler and nobody has any idea what he'll get in free agency. It appears he has his first nibble, though, as the ESPN radio in Minnesota reports the Timberwolves are kicking the tires on signing him.

I have no idea with Minnesota is doing. They don't want to rebuild. They can't possibly make a run next year. Kevin Love is gone or going. Shabazz Muhammad is the closest thing to Evan Turner this league offers. I don't know what's going on there.

I would guess somebody gives him a Nick Young special -- one year somewhere in the 4-6 million range. If he only gets offered the minimum, I will be shocked. It's possible, but man, that would actually bum me out too much. Especially when Meeks just got PAID. I guess we'll always have this:

Not bitter towards Evan. I just wish he was better.

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