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NBA Free Agency: Sixers Rumored to be into Julyan Stone!


Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

As LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh make their decisions and have their decisions made for them, one name towers above them all: Julyan Stone. And the Sixers are on the all-important short list for teams that are negotiating with him.

Sixers free agency is the best. It's like playing pogs at the World Series of Poker. Hinkie sees your three-team trade and raises you One Possibly Interested In Julyan Stone. Julyan is reportedly also waiting for LeBron before he makes his decision.

Don't get me wrong, I'm me, I love Julyan Stone -- the juxtaposition is just too perfect. Part of me hopes the Sixers never become good, they're just perennially scrappy hustlers loading up on assets and stonewalling the media. It will never get any better than this.

Suppose you might want to know what Stone does. Well, he's a long (6'6, 6'10 wingspan) guard out of my favorite UTEP team -- he played with our dear friend Arnett Moultrie before he transferred to Mississippi State. Can run the point, can attack the rim, can defend. Can't really shoot, but like, that's not even a consideration anymore. He's dabbled on the Nugs and Raps and in the D-League-- now age *gasp* 25. Also, he wore #77 with Toronto like he's a Nose Tackle out of Marshall.

Won't say no to them taking a look at another long athletic point guard, so long as Casper Ware still plays 48 minutes per game. I love the Sixers.

While we're at it, Derek Bodner's trying to hoodwink the universe into letting Houston hold onto Chandler Parsons after signing Chris Bosh so the Sixers could end up with Terrence Jones along with Jeremy Lin and a first. Whatever it takes, Derek. Lay wreaths at the feet of Jake Pavorsky for breaking the Sixers/Rockets If-Then Statement trade -- pride of Voorhees right there.

And in other free agency news:


This is your free agency thread. Hijack Julyan Stone rumors at your own risk.

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