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Sixers To Work Out Dante Exum, Andrew Wiggins

Per Chad Ford of, the 76ers will work out Dante Exum and Andrew Wiggins next week in preparation for the NBA Draft.

Andy Lyons

Chad Ford, NBA Insider for, announced that the Sixers will work out top NBA draft prospects Dante Exum and Andrew Wiggins.  According to Ford, Andrew Wiggins will work out for the Sixers next weekend, with Dante Exum also working out for the Sixers next week.  Ford is reporting that, as of now, Exum is unlikely to work out for any team besides the Cavaliers, Bucks, Sixers, or Magic.

The Exum news is slightly interesting.  There had been rumors about his desire to play for the Lakers, who own 7th pick.  He has also stated that he views himself as a point guard which, despite Exum stating at the combine that many teams are looking at putting him in a two ballhandler set, has caused some to fear that he wouldn't be willing to play for a team that already has Michael Carter-Williams.  It may simply be hubris, perhaps what his agent is hearing now will change by June 26th and he will be forced to work out for teams farther down the draft, or perhaps he will work out for other teams in private and is simply trying to control his own hype.  Regardless, it's an interesting bit of news 2+ weeks before the draft.

Andrew Wiggins went #2 in the LibertyBallers staff mock draft, with Exum going 4th.  Exum was also ranked 4th in the community big board, but this time Andrew Wiggins took the top slot.

As is usual with the Sixers, media will not be invited to these workouts, so there will be no reports on how the workouts went, and no video or interviews with either the prospects or anybody from the team.

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