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Sixers Waive James Anderson

sad sad sad

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers had 28 roster players last year. They just drafted 7 more. Even with all the 10-day contracts and stashed draftees, people were bound to be cast aside after the dream season of 2013-14 ended. It appears, via all of the beats, that James Anderson is the first one to be disposed of.

I personally think James Anderson has a place in this league, but getting cut by the 19-63 Sixers isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for that sentiment. He shot just 33% from deep, and although he wasn't a liability anywhere else on the court, if he's not a marksman, he's not worth rallying behind to keep.

I'm going to read a bit more into this and say this could spell good news for Hollis Thompson, though he's a near-lock anyway, and Elliot Williams, who turned into a pretty damn decent player the second half of the season. Elliot's jumper is a big question mark, but he's athletic and toolsy on defense, keeping him over Anderson is the right move at this stage of the rebuild.

Once more, it doesn't seem like the Sixers are particularly concerned about finding shooters yet. Or at least they have magic beans to turn these non-shooters into some.

I can stomach a James Anderson dismissal, but if Brandon Davies is next, I don't know what I'll do. You're all on notice.

Also I suppose I should mention free agency starts at midnight tonight and the Sixers have more cap room than the entire Balkan Peninsula.

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