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Byron Mullens Declines Player Option, Will Become Free Agent

After a raucous night in Brooklyn, Sixers fans have been hit with a bombshell. Byron Mullens will no longer be with us.

"I have to deal with another year of this? Nah."
"I have to deal with another year of this? Nah."
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Hinkie dropped a major bombshell on the fans at his post-draft press conference this afternoon. No, Joel Embiid's foot has not fallen off his body. Byron Mullens has declined his player option for the 2014-15 season, ending his tenure with the 76ers and taking his perpetually thin mustache to greener pastures.

The return of Jason Richardson will be met with open arms -- somebody has to be able to shoot -- and I'd imagine there aren't too many people lamenting the end of Mullens' time in Sixers uniform. Against all odds he shot 40 percent from deep in 18 appearances for Philadelphia, but that's an outlier compared to his career 32 percent figure. He's a three-point shooting big who isn't all that great at three-point shooting.

Tack on some porous defense and he doesn't exactly fit in with what the Sixers are trying to do here. It seems barren now, but in the near future there's not going to be much playing time available in the front court. Having acquired Joel Embiid and Dario Saric -- who Hinkie stated would have some positional flexibility -- with Nerlens Noel hopefully returning soon, the Sixers are slowly becoming an enormous, athletic team.

Hard to blame a guy for wanting to leave a bad basketball team on which he has no future. Let's all take a moment to reflect on the Mullens era and what it meant to us.

Farewell, Lord Byron. Today, it is he who walks in beauty.

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