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2014 NBA Draft: Sixers Select Vasilije Micic with No. 52 Pick

Almost two players from the same team.

Behold "The Maestro."
Behold "The Maestro."
Roberto Serra/Iguana Press

If the Sixers are Rockets East, we now have a Sixers (Very Far) East. Well, at least we did for a few minutes.

After selecting two American college players and trading for Pierre Jackson from the D-League in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft, Sam Hinkie took two Serbians — 20-year-old point guard Vasilije Micic (52nd pick) and 21-year-old small forward Nemanja Dangubic (54th pick) — that both currently play for KK Mega Vizura in Belgrade. That is, until Dangubic was traded to San Antonio for a package that includes Jordan McRae, the 58th pick.

Micic is an exceptionally creative passer that I like quite a bit. In fact, I wrote about him in much greater detail for our "Pimp Your Prospect" series. He's likely to be a draft-and-stash player — Although that is an educated guess gleaned from a Draft Express interview — but Micic could potentially be a steal at this late part of the draft if he continues to hone his game in Europe against excellent competition.

(Well, at least I think so.)

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