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Phil Jackson, Knicks interested in buying one of the Sixers' second round picks

In New York n Friday, Phil Jackson told reporters he's considering buying one of the Milwaukee Bucks' or Philadelphia 76ers' plethora of second round draft picks.

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When the dust settled after the 2014 NBA Trade deadline, many joked that Sam Hinkie had acquired every single second-round draft pick for this upcoming June's NBA Draft. Several claimed he hadn't received enough in return in for trades that involved Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner, but the plethora of picks would provide Hinkie with plenty of flexibility on Draft night.

The Sixers could potentially package a few second rounders to trade into the back of the first round. They also could potentially sell the pick to a rival NBA team, like the New York Knicks.

Phil Jackson expressed he's interested in that idea to reporters in New York City on Friday. Per our guy Keith Pompey at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Jackson was the opposite of coy when discussing the possibility of buying a pick from the Sixers or the Milwaukee Bucks.

"We are going to approach teams and ask them if they're willing to allow us to buy a draft pick if we feel like there's a player we want to have at a position that comes up."

He specifically mentioned the Sixers and the Milwaukee Bucks, who have four draft picks. Five of the Sixers' seven picks are in the second round at Nos. 32, 39, 47, 52, and 54. The Knicks have no picks in this year's draft.

"They can't even put them on the roster," Jackson said of the Sixers' and Bucks' total picks. "You can't draft that many players and have them as part of your roster. So obviously something is going to go on in that situation."

While Jackson was a Zen Master on the bench, he's a rookie when it comes to this whole running a franchise gig. Sixers fans should be giddy that he's interested in tangoing with Hinkie in negotiations. Thus far, the Sixers GM hasn't truly lost on a deal he's made during his time in Philly.

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