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2014 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #11: Stauskas gone, Kyle Anderson In The Mix

Nik Stauskas took the 10th ranking on our LibertyBallers community big board. He'll be replaced by Kyle Anderson from UCLA. Who would you vote for?

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As we move further down the list, the LB community is finding a harder time reaching a consensus.  Dario Saric and Nik Stauskas took the last 2 polls without the majority of the vote, as they received 44% and 45%, respectively.  In the top 8, winner averaged nearly 62% of the vote.

Decisions are becoming tougher, tiers are less distinct, and personal preferences and team fit becoming more of a consideration.

Stauskas winning the previous vote wasn't all too surprising, as he was one of the more skilled and diversified players available.  With Stauskas gone, we add in Kyle Anderson.  Anderson is an incredibly unique prospect, with elite level rebounding and passing for his position.  Will he handle the ball enough in the NBA to really showcase those skills?  Will his set shot be enough of a threat to be valuable if the ball isn't in his hands?  Can he defend any position adequately?

These are all very legitimate questions, and reasons why I am not as high on Anderson as many on this board here are.  But there is hardly a consensus with the slow-motion forward out of UCLA, he has many fans among the community, and he's an analytical darling, so we'll add him here.  If anything, he'll generate some good discussion.

This is also probably a good time to point out that this is a Sixers-centric big board, not a mock draft.  You are voting for these results as if you were in charge of running the Sixers and ordering a big board.   You're not trying to find the best fit for the Nuggets.

This voting could be among the closest we've ever had.  Gary Harris and Doug McDermott have both had respectable results for the past few polls, and LaVine and Anderson have sizable supporters as well.  Even if neither of the UCLA wings are quite ready to take the crown, they both should draw a sizable amount of votes away from the eventual winner.  Could this be the first time the winner doesn't have 40% of the vote?  It wouldn't shock me.  If I had to predict a winner, I think Doug McDermott squeaks by.

Who do you have?

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