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Indiana Pacers Rue the Day they Employed Three Former Sixers


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In light of the greatest fire the LB has ever seen (at least since Team Chill) in some recent Michael Carter-Williams ROY comments, I figure we should band together behind something we all can support: schadenfreude. Though the Indiana Pacers narrowly escaped the mighty 38-44 Atlanta Hawks to get to the second round of the playoffs, they're down to the Wizards and have been playing roughly as well as a child's drawing of cat piss.

A couple weeks ago, reports surfaced that our old pal Evan Turner and the object of some of the more impatient Sixers fans' affection, free-agent-to-be Lance Stephenson, engaged in a spot of hand-to-face combat. And that was nice. But two ET DNP-CD's later, and we have news that another conspicuous midseason acquisition, Andrew Bynumhas left the team as his knee issues persist.

Bynum played just two games with the Pacers, having made an additional $1 million from them after being traded from Cleveland, where he made $6 million after appearing in a spotty 24 games. He shot 41.8% from the field for the year. Knees remain broke.

Lavoy Allenalso traded with Evan to the Pacers for the carved outline of Danny Granger and some second rounders, has played less than four minutes this posteason.

Put it all together, and the best player the Sixers let get away from them during this season may have been Kendall Marshall.

And let's check in with Nick Young and the Los Angeles Lakers coaching search:

Still the best.

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