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Come! Liberty Ballers NBA Draft Lottery Party At Miller's Philly Ale House!

Yeah, it's going down (we're not yelling timber).

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We've been teasing you with the idea of an NBA Draft Lottery Party. The breaking news banner has been flashing the news for over a week at this point. Now, we can provide some details.

As noted in the title, the long-awaited Liberty Ballers and The Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast (RTRS) NBA Draft Lottery Party will be held at Miller's Philly Ale House, located on Roosevelt Boulevard at Grant Avenue in Northeast Philly, on May 20th! Click here for Miller's website and menu.

Festivities should be getting started around 7pm -- with the lottery and a conference finals game that night, we anticipate a good time for the entire night.

Why Miller's? For one, they're gracious enough to allow people from the internet to show up to a place IRL and meet on a Tuesday to watch not Adam Silver open a bunch of envelopes. But, more importantly, they run a great place which has all the amenities we need. The location is accessible, on a major road and very close to I-95, with plenty of parking for anyone who wants to go. Underage people can attend as well with no issue, though don't go and expect to drink. The internet will not be your bad influence, this time.

Miller's also has plenty of food and beverages, and plenty of space, which means we hope to get a ton of people to show up and have a good time. It has everything we need. Bring your friends and your family, maybe not your framily though, and meet us. I'll certainly be there. So will a majority of the LB staff writers. Come say hi to Spike, the Jakes (and maybe you, too, could become a source!), the six other people who listen to the Ricky, and anyone else who may show up, and join fellow Sixers fans in celebrating one of the most joyous or crushing days of the year!

We're working on getting some giveaways and other event thingies together. Odds are there will be a few cameras recording the bar's reaction to the lottery drawing. Hopefully it will be celebratory.

So again:

Miller's Philly Ale House
9495 E Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19114

Grant and the Boulevard is also the location of 2008 Mike Levin's summer job at AAA. Come see the computer where he secretly blogged about the Elton Brand signing! He can still get you maps and tourbooks on the low.

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions or suggestions, ask in the comments below or reach out to me via my contact info in the masthead. Let us know if you're coming! First round's on Rueter, always.

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