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Casual Friday Sixers Links Has Clinched An Opportunity To Draft Nik Stauskas

We'll bring the links, you bring the discussion. Casual Friday open thread discussion fun for everyone! In this week's edition of Casual Friday, we wade through mock drafts, conduct our own mock draft, and dream up a scenario where Jusuf Nurkic is the first overall pick. In 2014.

Wears camo on the reg
Wears camo on the reg
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of Casual Friday Sixers Links!


• Is the NBA Draft here yet?

• Missing you, NBA season (well, the fun, non-Evan Turner parts of it anyway)

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Sixers Swag: Dave and Roy Go Shopping on eBay (vol. 2) - Dave Rueter
Doug Collins designed the "Clinched" shirts. Spencer Hawes financed the operation with Bitcoin.

Chad Ford Suggests Andrew Wiggins Could Be There At #3 For Sixers - Derek Bodner
This is going to be a long month.

Report: Sixers Have Bounced Around Idea Of Trading Michael Carter-Williams - Derek Bodner

The Liberty Ballers 2014 NBA Mock Draft - LB Staff
Soon to come: BGN mock drafts the LB mock drafters

2014 NBA Draft Pimp Your Prospect for Non-Lottery Picks - LB Staff
The 2014 NBA Draft is filled with many potential franchise altering prospects. These are not those people. But we irrationally love them anyway!


Michigan's Nik Stauskas goes 10th to Sixers in Goodman's third mock draft - The Detroit News
Hey, let's talk about that other top 10 pick the Sixers have as well.

Potential targets for the Sixers' pick from the Pelicans -
Really hoping it's not Doug McDermott, though.

NBA mock draft: What if the age limit was in effect this year? - SB Nation
I, for one, welcome our new Balkan overlords.

Sixers consider building practice center in Camden -
At least it's not the Chester waterfront.

The NBA's bworst team: The 2014 Indiana Pacers - SB Nation
And there's not even one mention of Evan Turner!

NBA TV Documentary 'The 84 Draft' to Premiere on June 9 - SLAM Online
For NBA Draft history buffs.

Rights to Ricky Sanchez -

Mike is awake, touching Spike on the hand and stuff.


REMINDER - RULES OF THE THREAD: As long as you keep it clean (no cursing and please remember to wash out your cereal bowl before threading) and respectful, it's fair game. It's your thread - use it as you see fit.

Now, discuss! Happy Friday!

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