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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: The Andrew Wiggins Edition

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, the Sixers found their lucky charm, Allen Iverson's old house is on the market, and the world goes crazy over Andrew Wiggins... for all of the wrong reasons.

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Future Sixer? We can only hope.
Future Sixer? We can only hope.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Congrats to Cherry Hill's Jake Spencer for winning the Sixers' Lottery Lucky Charms contest. For whatever reason, someone kept a shard of the backboard that Darryl Dawkins broke back in 1979, and 35 years later, that piece of glass earned Mr. Spencer a ticket to the 2014 NBA lottery.

It wasn't easy: That minuscule piece of glass beat out plenty of other fine candidates...

  • A game-worn Mitchell Wiggins home jersey from the 1991-92 season (natch)
  • One of World B. Free's neon green handkerchiefs
  • A box of Allen Iverson's unpaid parking tickets
  • The headset Eric Snow wore when he fell asleep during Sixers-Rockets back in 2011
  • The canceled $10,000 check Charles Barkley wrote after spitting on a young girl back in 1991
  • Two large Michael Cage "Juice Man" T-shirts (new, with tags)

Didn't win the contest? No worries... there's still ANOTHER chance for you to make the trip to New York with Josh Harris and crew: Just click here and fill out the form. And while you'll miss out on the festivities at Miller's Philly Ale House, you'll get to see this lovely look on Julius Randle's face when he realizes that he's headed to the Utah Jazz with the No. 4 pick...


I would like to personally thank Anthony Capelli (@capelliNBA) for posting this Vine of Doug Collins that has done nothing but brought unbridled joy to my life.

I mean, really... how can you not marvel at the way Collins expertly navigates his way through the kitchen of an unnamed Los Angeles restaurant, avoiding the sous chef while still managing to throw up a "ShowYaLuv" sign. The next scene shows Doug (again, sans tie) faking a laugh over a bowl of lobster bisque as someone tries to convince him that "long 2s" are bad for business.

The clip ends with Collins strolling in - LIKE A BOSS - to the NBA Countdown studios, minutes removed from filling Bill Simmons's mind with more anti-Andre Iguodala propaganda.

As Cris Carter would say: "That's how you go to work!"


Last week, the Philadelphia 76ers sent out boxes of cake pops to assorted members of the media and other dignitaries in advance of the draft lottery. To the best of my knowledge, not a single member of the Liberty Ballers staff nor any of our fine readers received one of the aforementioned boxes of sweet treats. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...


We got it all wrong, folks. This isn't even the most impressive photo of Andrew Wiggins this week. Time to go back into the archives...



If Shaquille O'Neal (whose net worth is on par with the gross domestic product of St. Croix) can convince suckers people to pony up for a sequel to Shaq-Fu, is it unreasonable to think that Liberty Ballers Nation couldn't raise $2.75 million to buy Allen Iverson's old house? I'm pretty sure we could get the price down to $2.6 million if we really tried.

13,000 square feet, five bedrooms, nine-and-a-half bathrooms... that's more than enough space for every die-hard Sixers' fan in the Delaware Valley. And for those of you who don't live in the area, feel free to consider this your vacation getaway. Except it's better than your typical timeshare since this is the same place where Iverson and Aaron McKie used to play pool into the wee hours of the morning.

Speaking of pool... the property has a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-style pool house, complete with a salt-water pool (A.I. was green WAY before the Sixers' "Threes for Trees" campaign).

There's also a two-story reception hall, a fully-loaded gym, and a home theater that probably showed "Scarface" on a continuous loop back in the late '90s. And this hasn't been confirmed, but I'm pretty sure A.I. built that "restaurant-quality" bar after he was banned from Friday's (and subsequently, Houlihan's).

If someone could set up a KickStarter for this, that would be great - we'll worry about the $67,415 in yearly property taxes when the time comes.


I really wanted to do this, but the Sixers sent this out mere hours before the actual event, and I hadn't even set up my DVR to tape this week's episode of "Catfish".

It would have been cool to check out Dwayne Dedmon's, James Nunnally's, Lorenzo Brown's, Evan Turner's old locker, think about my unborn son as I sank a free throw, and then politely decline the opportunity to spend thousands of dollars on season tickets. That's the least they deserve for not sending us some cake pops.

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