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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Lucky Charms and More

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Tony Wroten continues his month-long birthday celebration, the Sixers are asking fans for their lucky charms, and Arnett Moultrie's decision-making skills come into question once again.

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Brandon Davies singing "Let Me Love You" by Mario? WE NEED THAT FOOTAGE POSTHASTE.
Brandon Davies singing "Let Me Love You" by Mario? WE NEED THAT FOOTAGE POSTHASTE.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

This adorable #ThrowbackThursday picture is of a young Michael Carter-Williams at the start of an adventure-filled day. 48 hours later, the Sixers selected him with the 11th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.


Even MCW was upset at the Philadelphia Eagles' selection of Marcus Smith on Thursday.


This is a pretty cool deal: If the 76ers decide that you have the luckiest of all charms, you'll win FOUR season tickets for the 2014-15 season (approximate value between $0 and $10,000, depending on whether the team drafts Andrew Wiggins in June).

I implore everyone reading this to enter if you haven't already. Think about it: There's always that scene pre-Lottery where the ESPN crew - Mark Jones in the house, sans Jam Posse - goes around the room and asks everyone about the trinket that they brought along with them. This year, that could be YOUR Manute Bol jersey on display for the world to see.

Even if your submission doesn't win, you'll still get a couple of tickets to a game next year (enjoy that Wednesday night Sixers-Bobcats tilt, buddy). I would throw my hat in the ring, but I'm pretty sure Joshua Harris wants no parts of my lucky size XL Hanes boxer-briefs.


I have found my white whale. A feast for you and 100 of your closest friends if you can find a tape of this for Liberty Ballers. If I had to guess, I would imagine Davies's video would be eerily reminiscent of this...


In case you were wondering... yes, there are only six people in the continental United States who are interested in buying Sixers' season tickets.

According to the team's Instagram page, this session was part of a "breakfast and hoops" series hosted by Brett Brown. I hope they open this up to the public at-large: I'd love to talk about ATO plays with the Sixers' coaching staff while dipping my Grands biscuit in a steaming hot bowl of sausage gravy.


The best basketball player in this photo scored 16 points and grabbed four rebounds in the last game that they played. And then there's Jason Richardson.


Truthfully, I'm more worried that Arnett Moultrie found "Norbit" entertaining than I am about the whole weed thing. Quite frankly, that's the first question the Sixers should ask potential draftees at the combine later this week.


1) Was there a point in life where you enjoyed any of the following Eddie Murphy movies?

  • Norbit
  • Holy Man
  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash
  • Meet Dave

2) Is your mother a prostitute? (Apologies... that's from the Miami Dolphins' list of combine questions).


In this edition of "How I Spent My Basketball Vacation", we catch up with Tony Wroten (or, as his friends call him, "Tone Wroten") as he celebrates his 21st birthday in his hometown of Seattle.

Tone actually became old enough to drink back in April, but we won't fault him for hosting this now considering that he was busy with his day job and all. Besides, it's probably hard to find a weekend that works for both DJ Drama and @MizzTwerkSum, and no 21st birthday party is complete without @MizzTwerkSum.

With MCW scheduled to be in attendance (I can't find any evidence that he actually showed up), it got me to thinking about the rest of TeamWHOP's whereabouts on the day of the party...


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