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WHO HE PLAY FOR? A Sixers Roster Full of Delightful Anonymity

Access the portion of your brain specifically devoted to 10-day contracts and let us in.

who he?
who he?
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want to pinch into our season-in-review reflections coming up in the next few weeks, but this is too much fun not to share right away. The Sixers, prior to a certain 10-day signing earlier today, have employed 28 humans on their 15-man roster at various points in the season. That's some mighty impressive turnover. That's column after column of WHO HE PLAY FOR? from Charles Barkley.

We've been talking about them all season long, hinting at April when we'll have to try to name all the players who have graced the Sixers with their presence, typically of the ten day variety. Now's the time to prove yourself.

How much time do you waste watching the Sixers? How much time do you waste on this very website? How much time do you waste dreaming up fan fiction adventures of Byron Mullens and Arnett Moultrie?

Take the Sporcle quiz from LB reader Steve Deluca below.

Tell us who you missed and who you feel stupid about missing. I very nearly forgot a certain point guard who's no longer with us, but got him before embarrassment sunk in. I also kept trying Shelvin Mack, not out of confusion, but out of hope.

Take this a step further-- could you also get every college these 28 gentlemen went to? Because just to assert my uselessness as a human being, I can.

This is the best season.

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