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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: The Nae Nae Edition

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, a dance craze sweeps the nation, the Sixers take their team photo, and Drake hangs out with his newest favorite team.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Game recognize game... but I had no idea that Molly Sullivan was No. 35 in this picture until she pointed it out.

As much as we love Molly here at LB, I simply can't co-sign on the tube socks and the tucked-in shirt. This is the anti-thesis of swag, much like the pictures that may or may not exist of me wearing flannel shirts and corduroy pants as a young man (read: two years ago).

For what it's worth, Sullian scored 4.3 points per game for the Meadowgold Heisey Basketball Lady Larks that season with a league-adjusted PER of 17.0.

Above is the 2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers' official team photo. For the moment, let's ignore the fact that the picture doesn't include TEN players who suited up for the Sixers this season (missing you, DJO): This image serves as the perfect test of one's fandom. How many Sixers can you name?

1-2: You are a casual NBA fan.
3-4: You are a casual Sixers fan.
5-6: You are a hardcore Sixers fan who still throws up the #ShowYaLuv hand signal after every made 3-pointer.
7-8: You are a security guard at PCOM.
9-10: You took the photo.
11-12: You write for Liberty Ballers and/or are Brett Brown.
13-14: You physically hand out the Sixers' per diem checks prior to every road trip.

Just curious: Arnett Moultrie is conspicuous by his absence. It's almost as if something happened to him right before photo day.


No Sixers connection here, but isn't Drake an employee of the Toronto Raptors? Can't this be considered tampering on some level? And on what planet are Coach Cal and Drizzy "good friends"? Nothing for nothing, I wouldn't be surprised if Calipari listens to "Take Care" at least once a week.

Thaddeus Young may be the nicest guy in the NBA, but he still manages to take a not-so-subtle shot at Doug Collins while in the midst of a terrible season. According to several sources, Young also mentioned that he burned every "Ace of Spades" award Doug ever gave him. Hope the Sixers sign Thad to a lifetime deal once his career is over. Speaking of which...

I appreciate the fact that the Sixers continue to trot out team consultant Allen Iverson at every basketball-related event held in and around the city of Philadelphia. He was unable to attend the team's "76 Minutes of Mayhem" event last week, but someone was able to cover for him in his absence...

Instead of going into a lengthy explanation of the origin of the "Nae Nae", I'll instead direct you to Deadspin where they did most of the legwork for us. In short, it's a dance inspired by the ratchet, Sheneneh-like girls at the club. And if you don't know who Sheneneh is, this primer should help you out.

The fact of the matter is that no professional sports team mascot should ever be caught doing the Nae Nae in public (with the exception of the Philly Phanatic, because that would be pretty awesome). It's cool that it has swept the NBA and all, but we are officially at the point of Nae Nae oversaturization, folks: This is like when your uncle yelled "Turn Up!" at the family picnic last summer. I blame the kid from Mercer for this. Oh, by the way, we may be days away from referring to the Nae Nae as "The Dance That Kept Jabari Parker In School."

I know the feeling, Coach. I know the feeling.

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