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Sixers Re-Sign Casper Ware to Second 10-Day Contract

This happened but barely anyone noticed.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers re-signed Casper Ware. Is that news? Sure, why not? Keith Pompey initially reported this. Ware was initially signed when the Sixers were without a backup point guard due to an injury for Tony Wroten.

Ware, in 71 minutes, hasn't actually done much. But he's given the Sixers someone who can handle the ball. The Sixers have ways of surprising you in their lack of abilities, and given that the team had a total of one above average ball-handler before his signing, his lack of production has been superseded by his ability to dribble a basketball at a level required by an NBA guard.

NBA players are really, really good at basketball. And yet I have to type this sentence. What a season. How is there any team worse, I ask?

Related: the NBA regular season has just 13 days remaining, including today, so the Sixers have precious little time to try out any more players. James Nunnally hasn't impressed much in his limited time here, despite my high hopes for him. Nunnally's potential release may be the only chance for the Sixers to add another tryout guy this season.

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