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Sixers NBA Y2K: Bobert Awful and Friends

Bobert is impossible for me to not laugh at.

nba y2k

OK so this isn't anything at all, so if you're looking for something, you won't find it here. I'm an unabashed fan of cackling my panties off at the Breaking Madden series from Jon Bois on the SB Nation mothership. With football over (FOOTBAW NEVER OVER AMERICA BRANDON), Jon has turned his attention to NBA 2K, where he'll do some of the same shit and see what dumb stuff happens. Up first in his NBA Y2K series is our Philadelphia 76ers. Obligatory Chris Jericho reference.

Read it. Here. Here. Or here.

Watch all the clips. Gif all the gifs. Stay til the end. This is incredibly stupid, so don't come back and comment "this is incredibly stupid" like you're a beacon of wisdom and good journalism because we know.

I think I'd watch a full season of that Sixers team. Actually, I kinda think we have already. Less Boberts, but isn't Brandon Davies really an honorary Bobert anyhow? I'd like to think he is.

Post your favorite bits below. Mine were the peach farmers.


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