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Sixers Blog Adds More Writers, Staff Outweighs Fans

Hinkie isn't the only guy looking to add depth.

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the LB staff
the LB staff
Streeter Lecka

Attention 11 people who read this web log! We're always trying to make the Liberty Ballers Experience better for you, whether it's with really loud pop-up ads or telling Tanner to stop making LOST references. And now that the season's over, we've internally discussed what the best move going forward is. Availability is a concern. Baumann is writing a Philly sports book (pre-order it now or die), Brandon is running another site (I've never heard of it though), and we've all got other stuff taking up or time, to where there's things I thought we missed, despite there being 12 of us already.

SO, we're adding more people. Marcus Hayes applied and didn't make the cut. Sorry bud, just wasn't the right fit. Without further ado:

SOHIL DOSHI: You may know him from living in the comments section for the better part of 5 years. Sohil's the best, and he'll become our on-call doctor for any high profile big men who inevitably miss an entire season. He had to change his username a week ago to his full name, so he's been totally silent in the comments since then so as not to ruin the surprise. Dedication. And he went to Rutgers, so please be nice to him, he's been through a lot. He's not Dave's little brother, but he may as well be. Follow him on Twitter right here.

KYLE NEUBECK: Formerly of Hoop76 and various other basketball internetting ventures, Kyle is a former Spike Eskin intern, which means he'll also be getting all of our coffees and lemon cakes. Roy takes it very particular, Kyle. Get it right, goddammit. Kyle will be playing the role of Stretch 4 in the LB offense. Follow him on Twitter right here.

MATT CAREY: You remember Matt from his WigginsWatch fanposts throughout the season. When a guy in the fanposts is writing better prospect posts than I am, you either have to kill him or bring him on. So I killed him. Formerly on the Temple writing train, Matt is willing to talk Rasheed Brokenborough shop with anybody. He changed his Twitter to @RealMattCarey because there were just too many impersonators, and it's good to know this one is the real thing. Follow him on Twitter right here.

Welcome to all the new guys, bringing our total to 15 at the moment -- which means there is now one LB writer for each Sixer. Hoping we'll be able to cover all the Casper Ware 10-day contract renewals throughout next season. Offer your congratulations to the three fellas and feel free to make it a suggestion box going forward in the comments below.

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