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Recap: Sixers Shine in Season Swan Song

Closing time.

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The Sixers ended their season with a win over the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, 100-87. I already gave a quick recap of the game in the immediate reaction thread. For this post, allow me to give you my closing thoughts and takes from this season.

Final Thoughts:

• I'm glad it's all over. I know a lot of people have said they will miss this Sixers team... but honestly I can't wait until the offseason starts. The NBA draft lottery is the first stepping stone in that process. The Sixers will have the #2 and #10 lottery picks.

• MCW can play. Hopefully he really takes advantage of the offseason. Hopefully the Sixers will find a way to make his life easier in the future by putting more talented players around him. Adding Nerlens Noel will be a start.

• I'm a little bummed Nerlens didn't play this year, but it is what it is. It'll be so great to see him play in summer league and then again when the real games start.

• If Thaddeus Young played his last game as a Sixer tonight, he went out in true Thad fashion. Between hitting his trademark awkwardly smooth jumpers, strong dunks, and the never-ending will to out-hustle everyone else on the court... he gave it his all. In the final game of a 19-63 season. With 5 minutes left and less to play. There's just no quit in him. It's really awesome.

• Marc Zumoff and Malik Rose are the best in the business. I can't say it enough. I honestly enjoy hearing their voices during the season. They always make the games more enjoyable. Kudos. And a special shout out to Molly Sullivan, who is one heck of a sideline reporter. The Three M's (Molly, Marc, Malik) truly form a great team.

• To the LB community: You guys rock. Your support and readership is greatly appreciated. Thanks for being there for us.

Up Next: An entire offseason of Hinkie goodness and Liberty Ballers will be there covering it every step of the way. LB already has a ton of coverage ready to go in the upcoming days.

I expect this to be a really fun summer. Stay tuned.

BLG out.


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