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Today is the last day of the Sixers season

not these guys
not these guys
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I don't have much to say about it yet -- I'm still collecting my thoughts and waiting to see exactly where the Pelicans pick lands before I can officially close the book on this year. But for absolutely sure, the Sixers will play their last regular season game for over six months tonight. 81 games down, 1 to go.

What's certain is that despite this incredibly bizarre season, you guys have stuck around and hung in there with us. Can't tell you how huge that is for me and the rest of the staff. I think LB gets better every year because of the new writers we bring on (and there will be more new additions announced in the next few days!) but also because you're getting better. The old commenters -- god i'm going to take a lot of shit for using "old", sticking with it -- and the new ones, the community constantly improves, and I'm crazy proud of everybody involved. And most of all thankful that you guys take the time to do all that you do here. The fact that LB is one of the top 7ish SBNBA blogs in regards to traffic without having a team name in our title and being one of the worst teams in recent memory is 100% attributable to y'all giving a shit about us and establishing a fully-formed community here. We like ya.

But this is the last night we will see this iteration of Sixers. 28 players of varying hilarity. One steadfast coach. One maniacal GM. I'm gonna enjoy this last one, but there's so much more to enjoy in the coming months and years -- this is the end of the prologue. We're just getting started.

Thrilled to say we were in it together from the jump. Stay for the poop, nerds.

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