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Grizzlies 117, Sixers 95: Oh Right, They're Bad

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Tonight was the first night in months I've hoped for a Sixers victory. It was a strange sensation, not just rooting for Hollis Thompson as I normally do, but wanting the Sixers to collectively score more points than another team. That team was the Memphis Grizzlies tonight. And the Sixers, much as I hoped otherwise, did not score more points than them. In fact, they scored quite a few less.

Memphis is a team that has a lot of reasonably talented people on it. The Sixers have Brandon Davies. This was a tough matchup, and one that emphasized just how few actual basketball players exist with Sixers uniforms on. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol did their thing on the low block, Mike Miller had fun with a 25-foot berth with which to shoot, and Corey Brewer scored 51. Different game, but I just wanted to point that out. Corey Brewer scored 51.

Michael Carter-Williams and Tony Wroten looked intermittently good and terrible, which has been the case all season. Particularly bullheaded towards the rim in this one. Brandon Davies was hysterical. Casper Ware buzzed around. Henry Sims with the gentleman's 9 and 6. Byron Mullens nearly broke poor Tony Allen, but not before the Grizz announcers commended him for playing so well with the Bobcats last year where he shot 38.5% as a 7-footer. Jarvis Varnado nearly used all of his fouls. Adonis Thomas got on the board with two buckets. Thaddeus Young played okay but looked remorseful throughout. James Anderson and Hollis Thompson glided through the game. Arnett Moultrie lit a doob and watched Bedazzled at home. Kwame Brown is no longer on the team, still.

Aside from the calendar, Elliot Williams was the star of the game for the Sixers. He hit some shots, poked around the passing lanes, and showed once again that despite his horrid plus-minus and 8.3 PER, he can do athletic things on the court. I wonder if he'll stick around. Depends how many guys the Sixers come away from the Draft with. He certainly has abilities. Sometimes it's not quite clear how those abilities will reveal themselves, but they exist in some form and Hinkie may want another year with him. We'll see!

And just a reminder -- the Grizzlies are the slowest paced team in basketball (like pre-'14 Bo Ryan slow) and the Sixers let them score 117. Solid.


New Orleans lost by a lot to Oklahoma City.
Cleveland lost to Milwaukee, who are assholes in so many ways. Sixers trail Bucks in Tankwatch by 2 games with 3 to play. Milwaukee has Washington, Toronto, and Atlanta left. 
New York beat Toronto.
Denver did not play.
Corey Brewer scored 51.

And here's the updated standings from this post:

Team Record +/-
12. Nugs 35-44 3.0
11. Knicks 34-45 2.0
10. Pels 32-47 --
9. Cavs 32-48 -0.5

Cleveland's got Boston tomorrow, coming off a win over Charlotte. Pelicans have Houston. Bucks go to Washington, who beat Orlando tonight. Alright Bucks, you got me. Win 2 of your last 3 and all is forgiven.

The Sixers themselves have a hot matchup against the Bobcats tomorrow. This is the 14th time they've played the Bobcats this year. Go Sixers. Go you.

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