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NBA Standings: New Orleans Pelicans Sixers Draft Pick Update

So close I can almost tank it. (bad)

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The Sixers are not catching the Bucks. We'll have more on all that later, but as a taste, the Sixers were lauded as the most vile collection of human things ever assembled and they are currently three games up on the Milwaukee Bucks with four games to play. Milwaukee has not won back-to-back games all season. With plenty of room between the Sixers and the Magic, Sam Hinkie is guaranteed at least a Top 5 pick in June. So that's something.

Onto the Sixers other first rounder. After a year of following the New Orleans Pelicans into the darkness in search of a good (but not too good!) draft pick, the Pellies themselves have just four games left to play. They've lost six straight, bless them, and sit right at the 10-spot in the NBA Lottery with a record of 32-46. Realistically, they won't be catching the Detroit Pistons in the standings, so anywhere from 9 to 12 is a possibility. Let's look.

Team Record +/-
12. Nugs 34-44 2.0
11. Knicks 33-45 1.0
10. Pels 32-46 --
9. Cavs 32-47 -0.5

And their respective schedules:


4/11 @Bucks <--- should probably root for a Bucks loss here.
4/12 vs. Celtics
4/16 vs. Nets

Could easily be 3-0 if the Nets have nothing to play for on the last game of the year -- you know those old guys want the extra day off before the playoffs.


4/11 @Thunder
4/12 @Rockets
4/14 vs. Thunder
4/16 vs. Rockets

I love you, schedule makers. Let's assume one of those last two games will be worthless for the opponent and they'll steal one. 1-3.


4/11 @Raptors
4/13 vs. Bulls
4/15 @Nets
4/16 vs. Raptors

I have no idea. I, uhhh, I have no idea. 2-2?


vs. Jazz
vs. Warriors

Could easily see this as 0-4. Goddammit, Nuggets.

The hypothetical final standings, were these to go down, would see New Orleans land the 9th spot. That would be just delightful. As hard as it is to cheer against Jeff Withey, Alexis Ajinca, and Luke Babbitt we need to get in them single digits, Pellies. Keep in mind, New Orleans also wants themselves to lose -- as good a chance as they can give themselves to sneak into the Top 3, the better. Make it happen. But then don't make that last thing happen, for the love of god.

Also, we can root for the Sixers to win games now! It doesn't matter! That's kinda fun, huh! Especially since they play the Grizzlies on Friday and Philly owns Memphis' second round pick. A win actually benefits them. Go wins!

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