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Nerlens Noel Tweets Out Ominous, Possible Return Date

The Sixers top pick may be coming to a basketball court near you in April.


Word on the street is that Nerlens Noel's rehab is going rather swimmingly. Since being cleared to resume basketball-related activities on January 15th, we've seen Vine clip after Vine clip of the former Kentucky star working on all aspects of his game. Maybe it's just because he is being guarded by ghosts in these videos, but assistant Greg Foster has him looking pretty damn good.

Noel has started facing other bodies in practice, and in Dei Lynam's column this week, head coach Brett Brown talked about the positive steps his future starting center is taking.

"He is slowly doing a little more physical stuff," Brett Brown said Friday. "He is slowly doing a little more where he can play against another body. I highlight the words slowly and cautiously but he’s doing it."

He might be moving a little faster than Brown has made known. Sunday afternoon, Noel tweeted the following date, leading many to wonder if this may be his first game action since tearing his ACL over 12 months ago.

The Sixers are indeed in action on that night, as they will be traveling to take on the Celtics. For a kid who grew up in Malden, Massachusetts, just 15 minutes outside of Boston, making your NBA debut in front of your friends and family would make for a very nice storyline.

This sort of feels like a promo for a wrestler we have been waiting to see for a while now, except instead of lots of finishers and submissions we have dunks and foul shouts. I imagine Noel's entrance music would be Kid 'n Play, with respect from one great set of hair to another.

The Sixers have made no comment on the situation yet.

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